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Mixed 2: First weekend of 3.Liga Nord-Ost

Hucks Ultimate Club Berlin hosted the 1st weekend of the Division 3 Mixed tournament, at Poststadion, Berlin. 

Hucks vs. Parkscheibe 15-8 

Came out ready to rock and roll, having warmed up carrying boxes of supplies up the flight of stairs they used to shoot the opening scene in “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls”. Starting strong with a hold and two breaks we took it to 7-1 before Parkscheibe turned up and took a few breaks of their own. The game was a hot, tight contest from then on, until we took it down 15-8. 

During the break between games, the club scored 17/25 on the classic Australian weekend quiz, answering important questions like which South American flag has the Southern Cross on it (Brazil), what the pascal measures (pressure), and 50kg of which food spread would be taken to the Paris Olympics by Team Australia (Vegemite, of course). 

Hucks vs. Endzonis 12-15

Strong start in blistering 31 degrees saw us take the lead and hold through trading until 7-5. Then Endzonis got a rapid fire 3-4 breaks as we struggled to regain composure in the heat. We fought on but through some unforced errors and tired legs we were never able to recover. 

The Hucks finished up day 1 with packing up the fields, using the flight of stairs as cooldown, an impromptu team vertical jump competition (Paul coming in hot with a 53cm vertical) and some well deserved pizza. 

Hucks vs. Griffin’s Lehre 15-10

Griffins Lehre were looking good in green. Hucks took an early lead and were able to maintain that lead throughout the game. 

Hucks vs. Goldfingers 12-15

Hucks started with a classic Australian warmup, the Nutbush line dance. It was a close match between Hucks and Goldfingers Potsdam, with lots of deep shots and zone played. The Goldfingers were able to make the best use of the wind and their athleticism, taking the win.

All in all we had a great weekend. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped organizing, baking, cooking, supporting and making it a successful tournament in every way.

Players: Amy, André, Babs, Birger, Cata, Ed, Frowine, Ida, Ilona, Joe, Juli, Julian, Julius, Kiwi, Laura, Marvin, Nati, Paul, Shine, Thure